The Art Of Communication

Our industry is built on relationships. Relationships we have with clients, journalists, bloggers, the media and our suppliers and of course each other. Every good relationship is built on good communication. It’s what we are all about and we think we are pretty good at it! So why is it so important?

It allows us to make connections with those around us and to maintain the relationships we create. Words are powerful so choose them carefully. It really is like an art form if you think about it – you have a blank canvas so what are you going to create with it? If you need some help you know who to ask.

Welcome to our first blog post. Please sit back, relax, read, comment, like and share to spread the word (after all it’s art isn’t it?!)


Natasha M-J

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‘Trust me, I’m not a doctor’

We were on tenterhooks. ‘Call-me-Andy’ was on the phone to The Big Boss. We could tell it wasn’t going well but then, miraculously, the tone changed. He clicked off his mobile phone, which then was not terribly mobile as it must have weighed a ton, and smiled broadly.

‘You won’t believe this – he has agreed!’ We were thrilled until he continued. ‘But there is one condition…’ (We knew there would be a catch.)’.…you must promise not to tell any of your neighbours because we are actually losing money on this deal.’

And he got us. Hook, line and double-glazing.

At the time, I was not an innocent abroad. I was a Sales Manager for a national magazine. But I was also (still am) a human being. Sales people know that people want to believe that the person selling to them is an honest, good person with their interests in his heart. Otherwise we would be accusing him/her of lying to our faces, which is not our natural way.

That is why Publishers prefer to deal directly and discourage their advertisers from using an agency. It guarantees more profit per page due to our humanity, no matter how long-in-the-tooth we are, we cannot help ourselves.

‘We only need £500 to hit our target so I thought I should ‘give this away’ to you.’

‘It’s because your ad looks so lovely, we must have it in our magazine.’

‘You know I will always look after you, you are my favourite client.’

These, and many more phrases besides, affect our judgements (especially if the salesperson has some charm) – just as they are intended. So many times, we have seen hard-working, battle-scarred, hard-headed business people paying over the odds for an ad or advertising in a completely unsuitable publication – which is one of the reasons we do the job we do.


Using a Media Planning and Buying Agency offers business people the opportunity to be one step removed and so take a more reasoned view of their media spend.

As well as being able to use the knowledge and experience of others, the combined spending power of diverse businesses’ ad budgets can be very useful indeed in getting more reasonable prices.

It also gives the business owner/manager a significant advantage. The next time, after a lovely lunch or sponsored night out with a publisher, they want to talk money with whatever pressing points they feel the need to make, you can simply say ‘That sounds marvellous, tell my agency about it.’

At the very least, it should ensure you get the double glazing you want at the best price.

Nigel Monks

Apropos appoints Amino PR

Amino PR are delighted to announce that they are now representatives of luxury brand Apropos, creators of breath taking bespoke glass and aluminium structures.

Bespoke glass and aluminium Kitchen Extension with automatic ventilation and solar controlled glazing - copy

For over fifty years, Apropos has been designing, manufacturing and installing its stunning bespoke glass and aluminium structures. Amino are proud to represent a brand with a rich heritage, vast experience and a portfolio of stunning projects that so clearly illustrates its finesse for outstanding design and exceptional quality.
Apropos prides itself on creating architecture in glass. The pure strength of aluminium combined with the transparency of glass is the perfect partnership of form and function; from a simple skylight to large extensions with bi-folding doors, the coupling of these materials has beautiful results regardless of the scale. As well as its structural strength, durability and design flexibility, aluminium is endlessly recyclable making Apropos structures weather resistant, low maintenance and thermally efficient.

Three winged modern orangery with triple skylights and folding sliding doors. Self cleaning glass to roof%2
Apropos bespoke conservatories, contemporary orangeries and modern glass extensions allow its clients to create an entirely new space in their home which truly is a one of a kind. Each and every Apropos project is designed the customer individual desires to seamlessly reflect their home and personality. With every specific need and aesthetic inspiration taken into consideration before its expert engineer’s custom manufacture the approved design in its Manchester based factory.

Three winged modern orangery with triple skylights and folding sliding doors. Self cleaning glass to roof 2 copy
Only the highest quality materials are used during the manufacturing process and Apropos take great pride in its time-honoured engineering skills. Its aim is simple: to create and install its customer’s new orangery, conservatory or extension expertly and efficiently with a result that both looks amazing and will stand the test of time – all with minimum fuss and to the highest of standards.

Julie R


Iguana Rock: A sensational four-bedroom property with infinity pool for sale on the perfect Caribbean island from Rocky Bay Bequia

Bequia Land For Sale - 10.jpg

The breath-taking views of Mustique and The Grenadines, together with spacious rooms, a sun-kissed climate and an outdoor style of living gives Rocky Bay Bequia’s property for sale, ‘Iguana Rock’ a feel good factor from the moment you arrive at the property. Designed in a ‘Modern Caribbean Style’, the solid mahogany doors slide neatly into pockets allowing the lounge, kitchen and dining area to open seamlessly onto a large veranda, creating a fully integrated living space. The louvre shutters, tall stylish windows and high gabled roof reflects the Caribbean character of this beautiful island.


The kitchen, designed and handcrafted by luxury bespoke furniture makers in England, Chamber Furniture, offers the latest in style and design. It features a stunning marble topped 14ft island unit and Miele appliances including the latest induction hob and steam oven. Four spacious bedrooms, each with en-suite bathrooms, ceiling fans, air conditioning and built-in cupboards, makes the property ideal for family living or the perfect rental appeal. One of the bedrooms being self-contained, could alternatively be live-in accommodation for a nanny, chef or maid, or offer use as a media room, office or games room.


The dreamy infinity edge pool is sized at 31ft x 11ft and has the latest diatomaceous filter system, requiring minimum maintenance. This newly built 3,880 sq. ft. south facing house is situated in a large, secluded and quiet plot of 56,675 sq. ft. It is protected from the north-east winds in the winter months, whilst enjoying the light East/South winds in the summer months, making it cool year-round. Mount Pleasant offers the ‘best of both worlds’, only 1.7 miles from Port Elizabeth, with its numerous bars and restaurants to suit every taste, and just a short walk away from the delightful unspoiled sandy beach of Ravine Bay.

This spectacular property for sale has been designed and built by John Nicholson.  If you would prefer a blank canvas  to design your very own Caribbean retreat, Rocky Bay Bequia have several other plots of land for sale on the island. With his first-hand experience and depth of knowledge of Rocky Bay and Bequia, John Nicolson is available to act as a consultant if required. With advise on every aspect, from purchasing the land through to local planning controls and procedures, architectural design and appointing and working with a construction company, Rocky Bay Bequia can help make building your dream home into a stress free reality.

Prices are available on application. If you would like to make an enquiry, please visit Rocky Bay Bequia’s website: or find them on social media:

Beth D


Product Loans from Amino Clients

Sourcing, researching and finding exactly the right product for a photo shoot is an endless and time-consuming task. Producing fresh new approaches to creating stunning room sets, working within difficult spaces, cajoling home owners when on location are just a few challenges – and then let’s not even mention the havoc that natural daylight throws into those photoshoots!

Samson Kingsize Wool Check Denim.jpg
Sadly, in most of those areas we have our hands tied and can’t actually help with in any practical terms. But, one area we can pitch in is with having fabulous clients that are delighted to loan out many of their stunning products and solve the lengthy research process.
Now, tricky it would indeed be to loan a complete Chamber Furniture kitchen, but we are always happy to look loaning out freestanding pieces like dressers or room dividers, handcrafted tables and gorgeous chairs. You would be surprised what is in the Chamber showroom just begging for a day trip and an ‘outing’.

Fabulous furniture is Tetrad’s forte so a complete feast of vibrant velvet sofas, stunningly classic Harris Tweed pieces, delicious leather chairs and even distinguished coffee table Trunks are all very easy for us to deliver to any UK location.

Bedrooms are easily catered for as well with the ever-enthusiastic Headboard Workshop who will happily make up any size or style of headboard in one of its huge selection of fabrics or simply send a fabric you prefer – this company’s generosity knows no bounds.
Chadder & Co. equally will send a complete bath, vanity stand, mirror or accessory to you and arrange collection afterwards.

And should you need a stunning model to accompany any photo shoots then exquisite clothing is just what you will need and Nellie & Dove are a stylist’s dream – clothing, shoes and accessories for every occasion.

Pampelone 1.jpg
As a PR agency, our role is help stylists, journalists and Editors as much as we can. So simply send us your requirements and let us take a few things off your To Do list.
Julie R

Why SEO is Essential to Success in 2017

SEO pic 4

Changes in technology and modern culture have transformed the way in which we all look, learn and shop. It’s now estimated 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine and it’s believed 90% of those people will click organic search, whilst only 10% of those are brave enough to venture into page two (ImForza), suggesting it’s vitally important you rank high in powerhouses such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SEO is a proven method to ensure businesses are found via search engines. Through discovering and using keywords relevant within your niche, you help inform Google what your site is all about. Secondly, by creating natural and enticing content which is regularly publicised via social media you encourage more people to talk about your site. Which in turn, helps you rank higher.

SEO pic 3

This is why so many businesses implement an inbound marketing strategy. Put simply it’s a pull strategy for drawing customers towards your products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.  This magic combination creates inbound leads which hold an impressive 14.6% close rate, versus outbound tactics which hold a 1.7% close rate (NewsCred, 2014), making it a great resource to generate new business.

Inbound marketing efforts both amplify and work in harmony with the traditional marketing mix, as it allows businesses to generate awareness around their products. SEO can underpin all your marketing efforts, for example; let’s take a press release promoting a new product:

·    Keyword research allows you to identify what’s popular and target key terms which are regularly searched by your target market, thus allowing you to design content which is findable and in demand.

·    Through building links from other sites toward your content, you’re telling Google it’s relevant. Consequently, the release can rank high on search engines which enable more people to access your content.

·    For further effectiveness then publicise your release via your blog and social media presence to create further awareness of your message.

This marketing technique, when implemented with passion and knowledge, is proven to generate greater ROI, credibility and web traffic. The strategy can help amplify your marketing mix all whilst creating a real competitive advantage for your business.

For more information, please visit: or call us on 020 7084 6212



Jøtul: Fighting the Cold in Style Since 1853


Norwegian brand Jøtul, is one of the world’s oldest producers of stoves, inserts & fireplaces and have been a hugely loved client of Amino’s for almost a decade. Building on a proud Norwegian heritage, Jøtul have combined fine craftsmanship with the art of coping with the cold for 160 years now. Norwegian nature, culture and craft are vital parts of its DNA. Jøtul’s passion for warmth combined with craftsmanship rooted in ancient traditions for adding aesthetic qualities to everyday tools, has been important ingredients in defining the spirit of Jøtul.

F 373 BK EN2

Its timeless products bridge together the past and present beautifully and integrate the architectural qualities of modern living spaces. They feature Norwegian craftsmanship and functional design with both immediate appeal and design qualities that stands apart from short-lived trends. While all its products are beautiful design pieces in their own right, Jøtul firmly believe that form should follow function. Its loyal and discerning customers buy a Jøtul because they know that nothing is left to chance. Its creators take great pride in the art of designing and manufacturing the world’s finest and most durable cast iron fires. It’s their customer’s satisfaction that drives them to continue making these fantastic products.

F 105 LL int 01

Jøtul is a leading worldwide brand and a global market leader sold in forty-three countries on six continents. Its conscious adaptation to the individual markets, conditions and customer needs, is a vital part of Jøtul’s international success.

Schools (almost) out for summer

Before we know it Summer will be here, it’s only around the corner and we are seeing the emergence of some exciting new trends. The catwalks of London, Paris, New York and Milan were inundated with attention grabbing outfits, styles and trends that filter into other sectors such as the interiors sector.


Stripes are big for SS17, something The Headboard Workshop do well. The Kingsize Arran Headboard (pictured above) is upholstered here in Stripe Linen Aqua. This stunning piece will make a statement in any bedroom!

Pink is also the new black for SS17. The Footstool Workshop has over 100 swatches on their website. We adore the Fuchsia Basket Weave pictured below that is right on trend! It’s hard to imagine that you won’t find a fabric that you like but if you don’t just give them a call and they will endeavour to help you find one that you do like – that’s the kind of company they are.


Whites and textures feature heavily and this fun and super stylish Alphamoment embroidered Playsuit available at Nellie and Dove captures the essence of summer – light, fun and (fingers crossed) here to stay 🙂


Natasha M-J



Q&A with Interiors Journalist Hayley Gilbert

Hayley Gilbert
1. How long have you been a journalist?
Goodness, I feel old answering this but I’ve been a journalist for 22 years now!

2. How did you get the journalist bug?
After graduating from uni with a degree in Media & Cultural Studies, I moved back home and got a job on my local newspaper in the production department. Whilst my role was quite tedious and involved occasional night shifts, I used to gaze longingly at the writers’ desks and knew that that’s what I wanted to do. After that I moved to London where I worked on a music magazine before finding my niche in home interiors publications.

3. What’s the best part of your job?
It has to be getting to see the most beautiful properties and interiors as well as meeting fabulous, friendly people and having sneak previews of upcoming trends.

4. What’s the most challenging aspect?
Probably keeping on top of all the emails that come in when I’m working on maybe four or five different features at once. I am pretty organised though but it does keep me on my toes.

5. Is your own home filled with all the fabulous products you write about?
Hmm, not the high-end expensive stuff but yes, I definitely take inspiration from the high street and online trends that I cover for shopping pages; there are definitely times when I see something and think, I just have to have that!

6. Have you renovated your own home?
Yes but only in terms of installing a new kitchen and bathrooms and updating the décor. I did knock a wall down between the old kitchen and dining room to make it one larger open-plan space. That’s something I write about often, so I had to follow my own advice on that one. The house was built in 1993 and hadn’t been updated since so there was a lot of peach in the bathrooms… No amount of retro revival could bring that back!

7. What’s your top tip for looking forward to the next interior trend – is it fashion led?
For autumn/winter 2017 it’s all about navy, gold and emerald – rich, dramatic shades that work well in homes as well as fashion.

8. What couldn’t you live without in your own home/ your best find or buy??
I do have a soft spot for kitchens and love a good gadget. I don’t think I could manage without my kettle or my Dolce Gusto coffee pod machine; I drink tea and coffee constantly when working and it’s a good excuse to get up from the desk and have a stretch. I recently bought some film prints from Etsy, which I framed in simple white frames from B&Q. They are by Law & Moore and I chose some of my favourite films – The Goonies, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Indiana Jones trilogy – find them on

9. Everyone is said to have a book within them – would you consider writing one and what would your subject be
Yes definitely; it’s something on my ‘to do’ list. Having a 15-year-old son who refuses to read for pleasure, I’d love to write a novel for the teen boy market that’s aimed more at his age group. Girls seem to have more options so it would be nice to make reading for boys cool again.

10. What do you love doing in those precious free time moments?
I spent two years learning how to swing jive, which was amazing. Great exercise and fun and I met some lovely people. I also love pottering round craft fairs and markets, heading to the beach in all weathers and occasionally baking the odd cake.

Julie R

Social Media as a Business Tool

social-media-vector-icons (2)

Social media has a huge presence in business today. It is as valuable to a business as marketing or PR – it provides unparalleled access to your customer too! You can find out what they like, what they don’t like and who they really are. People will often to turn to social media platforms when deciding if to use a company. It’s not only important to have a presence online, it is important to have the RIGHT presence online.

As your customer feels more connected to you, loyalty to the brand is increased. Your customers will expect you to have a profile online, it’s a part of doing business in today’s world. No longer is social media seen as a way that younger generations while away hours on but it becomes a key arm in your marketing strategy – while of course being able to see what your competitors are up to!

Perhaps most importantly of all, social media is instant. An instant way for you to reach your customers, an instant way to make your company voice heard, and an instant way to build your company profile


Natasha M-J

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