When we arrived in Deddington for the soft launch of Nellie & Dove, our first glimpse at the collections we just couldn’t wait to get our hands on was in the shop window. Until the day of the opening, the outfit which hung in the simple yet stylishly dressed display had been cleverly wrapped in brown paper, yet to be revealed to curious passers-by.

As we walked into the boutique, which sits at the bottom of an adorable cobbled passageway, it was truly difficult to believe that this was the first store the directors of the company had ever put together. We were greeted by Helen, the spearhead of the brand who, with only twenty minutes until the doors would open, was cool, calm and composed. Once we had said our hello’s to the whole team and finished admiring each of the ladies beautifully put together outfits, we could truly take in the space. And what a space it is.

The period building has been refurbished beautifully. Its original hard wood flooring, exposed beams and wooden shutters give the boutique a homely, English country vibe which is brought to life by carefully considered, contemporary styling. Flashes of turquoise, the brands soon-to-be trademark colour, appear around the store, complementing the clever display techniques. A favourite of mine being the clear hanging orbs that adorn the beams and hold jewellery, shoes and purses. One of the most unique interior design elements has a personalised touch, a spectacular fabric wall behind which are the changing rooms. The wall is covered in cute and sketchy illustrations that relate to the brand, the same design that matches the tissue paper they wrap each purchase in.

 The most exciting aspect of the stores launch however, was of course the clothes. The different collections were hung thoughtfully throughout the store, with each piece perfectly complementing the last. From the colourful hues of Catharine Andre’s bohemian style to the cool and earthy tones of Transit Par Such, Nellie & Dove has clearly embraced its ethos of ‘style with a difference’ from day one, bringing its customers wonderful rarities of the fashion world.

Beth D