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Social media has a huge presence in business today. It is as valuable to a business as marketing or PR – it provides unparalleled access to your customer too! You can find out what they like, what they don’t like and who they really are. People will often to turn to social media platforms when deciding if to use a company. It’s not only important to have a presence online, it is important to have the RIGHT presence online.

As your customer feels more connected to you, loyalty to the brand is increased. Your customers will expect you to have a profile online, it’s a part of doing business in today’s world. No longer is social media seen as a way that younger generations while away hours on but it becomes a key arm in your marketing strategy – while of course being able to see what your competitors are up to!

Perhaps most importantly of all, social media is instant. An instant way for you to reach your customers, an instant way to make your company voice heard, and an instant way to build your company profile


Natasha M-J