Norwegian brand Jøtul, is one of the world’s oldest producers of stoves, inserts & fireplaces and have been a hugely loved client of Amino’s for almost a decade. Building on a proud Norwegian heritage, Jøtul have combined fine craftsmanship with the art of coping with the cold for 160 years now. Norwegian nature, culture and craft are vital parts of its DNA. Jøtul’s passion for warmth combined with craftsmanship rooted in ancient traditions for adding aesthetic qualities to everyday tools, has been important ingredients in defining the spirit of Jøtul.

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Its timeless products bridge together the past and present beautifully and integrate the architectural qualities of modern living spaces. They feature Norwegian craftsmanship and functional design with both immediate appeal and design qualities that stands apart from short-lived trends. While all its products are beautiful design pieces in their own right, Jøtul firmly believe that form should follow function. Its loyal and discerning customers buy a Jøtul because they know that nothing is left to chance. Its creators take great pride in the art of designing and manufacturing the world’s finest and most durable cast iron fires. It’s their customer’s satisfaction that drives them to continue making these fantastic products.

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Jøtul is a leading worldwide brand and a global market leader sold in forty-three countries on six continents. Its conscious adaptation to the individual markets, conditions and customer needs, is a vital part of Jøtul’s international success.