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Changes in technology and modern culture have transformed the way in which we all look, learn and shop. It’s now estimated 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine and it’s believed 90% of those people will click organic search, whilst only 10% of those are brave enough to venture into page two (ImForza), suggesting it’s vitally important you rank high in powerhouses such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SEO is a proven method to ensure businesses are found via search engines. Through discovering and using keywords relevant within your niche, you help inform Google what your site is all about. Secondly, by creating natural and enticing content which is regularly publicised via social media you encourage more people to talk about your site. Which in turn, helps you rank higher.

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This is why so many businesses implement an inbound marketing strategy. Put simply it’s a pull strategy for drawing customers towards your products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.  This magic combination creates inbound leads which hold an impressive 14.6% close rate, versus outbound tactics which hold a 1.7% close rate (NewsCred, 2014), making it a great resource to generate new business.

Inbound marketing efforts both amplify and work in harmony with the traditional marketing mix, as it allows businesses to generate awareness around their products. SEO can underpin all your marketing efforts, for example; let’s take a press release promoting a new product:

·    Keyword research allows you to identify what’s popular and target key terms which are regularly searched by your target market, thus allowing you to design content which is findable and in demand.

·    Through building links from other sites toward your content, you’re telling Google it’s relevant. Consequently, the release can rank high on search engines which enable more people to access your content.

·    For further effectiveness then publicise your release via your blog and social media presence to create further awareness of your message.

This marketing technique, when implemented with passion and knowledge, is proven to generate greater ROI, credibility and web traffic. The strategy can help amplify your marketing mix all whilst creating a real competitive advantage for your business.

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