Sourcing, researching and finding exactly the right product for a photo shoot is an endless and time-consuming task. Producing fresh new approaches to creating stunning room sets, working within difficult spaces, cajoling home owners when on location are just a few challenges – and then let’s not even mention the havoc that natural daylight throws into those photoshoots!

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Sadly, in most of those areas we have our hands tied and can’t actually help with in any practical terms. But, one area we can pitch in is with having fabulous clients that are delighted to loan out many of their stunning products and solve the lengthy research process.
Now, tricky it would indeed be to loan a complete Chamber Furniture kitchen, but we are always happy to look loaning out freestanding pieces like dressers or room dividers, handcrafted tables and gorgeous chairs. You would be surprised what is in the Chamber showroom just begging for a day trip and an ‘outing’.

Fabulous furniture is Tetrad’s forte so a complete feast of vibrant velvet sofas, stunningly classic Harris Tweed pieces, delicious leather chairs and even distinguished coffee table Trunks are all very easy for us to deliver to any UK location.

Bedrooms are easily catered for as well with the ever-enthusiastic Headboard Workshop who will happily make up any size or style of headboard in one of its huge selection of fabrics or simply send a fabric you prefer – this company’s generosity knows no bounds.
Chadder & Co. equally will send a complete bath, vanity stand, mirror or accessory to you and arrange collection afterwards.

And should you need a stunning model to accompany any photo shoots then exquisite clothing is just what you will need and Nellie & Dove are a stylist’s dream – clothing, shoes and accessories for every occasion.

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As a PR agency, our role is help stylists, journalists and Editors as much as we can. So simply send us your requirements and let us take a few things off your To Do list.
Julie R