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It is with great sadness that we announce Nick Sloane MD at Jøtul UK, one of the heating industry’s stalwart characters has passed away. Nick aged 63 had bravely battled illness for the past two years with the typical upbeat manner and determination of spirit for which he was renown in the industry.

Nick had been with The Jøtul Group for 17 years, having introduced the Norwegian heritage brand into the UK and started the Jøtul UK daughter company in 2000. Using his established reputation as a heating and stove expert previously of Valour, he grew the brand’s awareness and business into the 150-dealer network and leading product it is today.

As well as a much-valued client for all the years I have been working with Amino, Nick was also a very dear friend and I feel his loss immensely as do others in our team.

Nick was a personality not easily forgotten; he simply bounced into any room and added his enthusiasm to any meeting with his ‘Tigger-like’ exuberance, his optimism and love of life – all of which were simply contagious. Meeting Nick was like being caught up in a whirlwind, you never knew what you had agreed to, what you had been signed up for, or even what task you had unwittingly been delegated or included in! 

His knowledge and passion for the stove and heating industry also knew no bounds; championing the eco-friendly wood burning cause, an active member of the SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) and so passionate about educating people on the benefits of wood burning stoves. It came as no surprise to me when Sue our new Business Development Manager bought three Jøtul stoves within weeks of joining us – seriously Nick was so charming, vibrant and convincing in his dedication to wood burning stoves you didn’t even realise you were placing an order!

Time spent with Nick were always unpredictable fun times, laughter-filled times, times I will always treasure, put simply he was ‘A True Gent’.

Jules R