Japanse Interior Look

We see it on the catwalks, we see it in the shops and now we see it in interiors too! There has been a massive trend this year for Japanese style interiors and it’s easy to see why It seems like a natural progression from the surge in Scandinavian style interiors we saw a consistent move towards.  Scandinavian style is characterised by clean lines, minimalist interiors and paired back elegance. Japanese style encompasses many of these things, but with what I see as an added ‘oomph!’

Japanese Kimono

Whilst beautifully styled and minimalist in a lot of ways, we see new textures and dramatic design elements introduced. This is underpinned by funcionality in all things. Both dramatic contrasts and simple contrasts can be used within this style, often with wood finishes. It focuses on simplistic design, but with a purpose. It’s where elegance meets minimalism!


It’s laid back and stylish interiors at it’s best. It’s no nonsense and functional. It’s super stylish and uber cool – and we love it! I think this is a trend we may see for some time yet!

Natasha M-J