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In the last few days run up to Christmas and office shut down, I thought I would grab a moment to post a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year message to you all.

The month before the festive whirl of parties, lunches and late night burning of the oil to hit looming deadlines is always one of my favourite times of year. Wintery crisp mornings and a full month of jam packed events, awards and January sales preparations – what could be more fun! A busy mind is a healthy mind and, although every month seems to bring its own interesting challenges, it really is true that there’s never a dull moment in the world of media buying and PR.

Our clients are always up to something new, launching collections, opening new branches, producing techniques and simply being part of this creativity and insight is truly exciting and varied.

As the world of social media continues its march to rule the world everything is demanded to be varied and equally instant – wow betide you consider stopping for a minute; Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest is now more than a full-time job to keep the creative juices flowing and inspirational.  Days of deliberating over content and images are a dim and distant memory as this fast-paced world gallops on and no one wants to be left trampled underfoot!

Christmas provides us with the enforced stop point we all deserve to spend with our loved ones, a few days of relaxation, over indulgence and laughter-filled times. A time to remember what we all work so hard for – our families and precious time with those we care for.

So, don’t forget to truly enjoy every moment, take the time to see the smiles on your family and friends faces and have a wonderful break.

Jules R