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Well that’s it the year has ended, and we have welcomed in 2018. Who knows what it will bring, ups, downs and something in between I’m sure. Often people do all that ‘reflecting bit’ as a year ends and try to remember what their last year’s resolutions were, if the goals they set both personally and professionally had been achieved and what the new year should have in store with a brand-new set of goals.

As we get older all those goals really do change enormously, some of us just start a new day and think that alone is an achievement, whereas those younger are still into long-term fitness plans and climbing the ladder ambitions. Personally, just climbing a flight of stairs or a broken-down escalator is indeed a big achievement for me! But as every day is so varied, we each should relish learning new things, embrace new challenges, gain new skills, adapt to new environments and push just a little more each year to enrich our lives.

Goals and achievements are essential to us to gain some sort of momentum in our lives and businesses – otherwise how do we judge where we have been, what a different we have made and acknowledge the great successes we have participated in?
A new year is something to be steered into, set yourselves a shoreline of focus to reach, we all know there will be choppy waters at some stage, the odd project or new prospect may become a man over board but simply steer through the rapids with a great team spirit, believe in your knowledge, trust and respect your colleagues and stretch yourself to learn more, only then will dry land and new rewards will be our reach.

Let’s all embrace new challenges, new frontiers and keep a weathered eye on the horizon!

Julie R