We love pastels. Pink, Lavender, baby blue – all of them! They have been popular in interiors for a long time, and with good reason. Calm and subtle tones create calm and subtle living areas – on this we wholeheartedly agree. But you know something? Now is the time to mix things up a little. Bold is back. Although we love muted tones, now it’s time to inject some personality and pizazz back into our interiors and geometrics are just the perfect way to do that!

Before you panic and rid yourself of every pastel tone within reach, we are not suggesting that you transform your home into a mish mash of geometric patterns and designs on every surface and furnishing, but rather introduce some geometric pattern which will provide a beautiful contrast.

Geometric Wall

It is a very versatile trend that can be adapted to suit any room and budget! You can go all out and opt for a bright and funky wallcovering which creates an impact as soon as you lay eyes on it or you could go for a more subtle approach and go for a geometric print rug and triangular cushions. As with any interior trend, the most important thing is that you love it. If you are unsure about it and still really want to try it then my advice is to start small – triangular cushions are easier to put in the back of a cupboard than entire wall coverings after all!

Triangular cushions

Natasha M-J