easter egg words

The Easter holidays are almost upon us and we need to keep the children occupied with more than just chocolate eggs! They love crafting don’t they? I know mine do. Ok so you may be finding stickers and/or sparkly things on your things for days following but their proud little faces when they make something themselves make it all worth it don’t they?

We have put together a few ideas of things you can make that are Easter themed. These projects for suitable for all ages from beginners to people who are feeling a little more adventurous! Let’s start with an easy one (this may be slightly messy but it’s a relatively simple one!). Take some eggs, poke a small hole in one end and drain the eggs out. You must rinse them out and wait for them to be completely dry, then you have a perfect canvas to work with! Children can paint bunnies or chicks or funny faces on their shells. If you have time then add some wool hair and even a hat!

For an Easter themed rice krispie cake, and to rid the house of the last of the Easter chocolate, replace the rice krispies with shredded wheat and pop a mini egg in the ‘nest’ for a easy snack that children and adults will love. These could be a great gift for neighbours too! If you like to send out Easter cards then this is another great thing that the children can get involved with. Hand prints make the perfect bunny shape and will provide a lovely keepsake.


One of my favourites (and this one most definitely has to be done outside, and away from Grandma’s favourite rose bush unless you want to be struck off the Christmas card list forevermore) is something we call egg smash canvas. This is a real hit with children and it’s a great activity for both younger and older ones. Carefully drain eggs as above and once dry fill them up with paint. To seal, use tissue paper and carefully glue over the top of the eggshell. Take all your eggs outside and set up your canvas and then comes the fun part! You throw each egg at the canvas and watch the paint splash over it as the shell smashes. Each canvas will be totally different and children just LOVE this one!


If you do decide to do any of these, we would love to see your pictures!

Happy crafting.

Natasha M-J