Kitchens that feature sweeping lines and gentle arcs are gathering momentum and becoming an increasingly desired design style. Curved kitchen units provide an unusual focal point in a kitchen and a tactile appeal that invites you to touch and feel its smooth design.  Sleek and curvy units are also a fantastically ergonomic solution to designing a kitchen that feels inviting and comfortable to manoeuvre for every member of the family.


Curved kitchens are particularly well suited to open plan or broken plan living spaces as their soft appearance evokes a relaxed atmosphere and an uninterrupted flow which helps to blend the different ‘zones’ in an open home.


Islands that embrace the curve appeal can bring a real WOW factor to your kitchen. It may be a dramatic and expansive arc or simply a rectangular unit with rounded edges at one or both side that subtly introduces the curved look.

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Images from Woodstock Furniture.

Julie R