It’s always around this time of year that I start to get green fingered. I think it must be something to do with the weather. As soon as it starts to warm up I always come up with grand plans of what I’m going to do with the garden, of what I’ll be planting and of how many varieties of fruit and vegetables I’ll be sowing and growing! The trouble is where do you start? Let’s start with some veggies!

May is probably the last month for sowing Brussels sprouts if you want them ready by the end of the year. The same goes for cauliflowers and cabbages (except for next spring’s early varieties). Sow them all indoors or out, depending on the weather. Some can be sown in a temporary seedbed and transplanted later in the year when space becomes available. Although leafy vegetables like kale and spinach can all be sown outdoors now but do prepare to cover them on cold nights. Runner beans, salad leaves in spring onions can all be sown outside now too.

For something a little sweeter then you can opt for rhubarb, melon (you may need a cloche if it’s still chilly), or strawberries – just don’t forget the cream!

Natasha M-J