Tala Monks (pictured above collecting a Creative Circle award at the awards ceremony) who comes from a global agency background, and has created award winning advertising campaigns, takes the reins to lead Amino into an exciting new chapter.

Tala Monks, was Head of Creative Relations at Grey London where she was responsible for building fame and credibility for the agency and their work. She has been involved in famously effective PR campaigns helping them win numerous awards such as #jointheheard and Volvo LifePaint and is excited to bring her experience into Amino.

” I really can’t wait to get stuck in” says Tala. “To understand the clients, their products and most importantly what they want to achieve. Having come from a global agency I will be bringing in new ideas and using my experience to achieve what our clients need and more. I will be making some big changes to Amino which I’m really excited about so that we can offer our clients more creative ways to market themselves. This is the start of something fantastic. I would like to thank Julie for all that she has done for Amino and I look forward to taking Amino into the next phase.”

Take a look at some of Tala’s work:


Join The Herd


Hunted for their ivory, elephants are on the verge of extinction.

To save the herd, we had to create a human herd, and a PR idea powerful enough to stop the ivory trade in 2016. One global pressure group. One campaign. One agenda. One hashtag.

Volvo LifePaint


Volvo LifePaint


Volvo is famous for it’s leadership car safety. This also involves protecting the people outside their cars. On the roads cyclists and pedestrians are the most vulnerable. Hence we wanted to protect them.

Establish Volvo as not only the “thought leader” in Road safety, but the “doing leader”.

Volvo “LifePaint” launched in the sweet-spot of our desired target audience. Partnering with 6 of the most influential bike shops around the cycling hubs of London with an initial supply of 2000 free cans and a website for catching peoples interest.

After just a few days she has already introduced some changes.
She adds “Im hugely excited to be able to tell you all of the launch of Amino Digital- this will be the digital arm of Amino helping our clients with a breadth of digital advertising solutions across all budgets to target their audience. The great thing about digital is that it’s all measurable and with a team of digital experts working for us you can really understand what will work for them.”
Tala is currently shadowing Julie to ensure a smooth transition and looks forward to introducing herself and Amino’s new offering to all clients in the next few weeks!

For further information please contact Tala Monks at tala@aminocms.com


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