Schools (almost) out for summer

Before we know it Summer will be here, it’s only around the corner and we are seeing the emergence of some exciting new trends. The catwalks of London, Paris, New York and Milan were inundated with attention grabbing outfits, styles and trends that filter into other sectors such as the interiors sector.


Stripes are big for SS17, something The Headboard Workshop do well. The Kingsize Arran Headboard (pictured above) is upholstered here in Stripe Linen Aqua. This stunning piece will make a statement in any bedroom!

Pink is also the new black for SS17. The Footstool Workshop has over 100 swatches on their website. We adore the Fuchsia Basket Weave pictured below that is right on trend! It’s hard to imagine that you won’t find a fabric that you like but if you don’t just give them a call and they will endeavour to help you find one that you do like – that’s the kind of company they are.


Whites and textures feature heavily and this fun and super stylish Alphamoment embroidered Playsuit available at Nellie and Dove captures the essence of summer – light, fun and (fingers crossed) here to stay 🙂


Natasha M-J



Q&A with Interiors Journalist Hayley Gilbert

Hayley Gilbert
1. How long have you been a journalist?
Goodness, I feel old answering this but I’ve been a journalist for 22 years now!

2. How did you get the journalist bug?
After graduating from uni with a degree in Media & Cultural Studies, I moved back home and got a job on my local newspaper in the production department. Whilst my role was quite tedious and involved occasional night shifts, I used to gaze longingly at the writers’ desks and knew that that’s what I wanted to do. After that I moved to London where I worked on a music magazine before finding my niche in home interiors publications.

3. What’s the best part of your job?
It has to be getting to see the most beautiful properties and interiors as well as meeting fabulous, friendly people and having sneak previews of upcoming trends.

4. What’s the most challenging aspect?
Probably keeping on top of all the emails that come in when I’m working on maybe four or five different features at once. I am pretty organised though but it does keep me on my toes.

5. Is your own home filled with all the fabulous products you write about?
Hmm, not the high-end expensive stuff but yes, I definitely take inspiration from the high street and online trends that I cover for shopping pages; there are definitely times when I see something and think, I just have to have that!

6. Have you renovated your own home?
Yes but only in terms of installing a new kitchen and bathrooms and updating the décor. I did knock a wall down between the old kitchen and dining room to make it one larger open-plan space. That’s something I write about often, so I had to follow my own advice on that one. The house was built in 1993 and hadn’t been updated since so there was a lot of peach in the bathrooms… No amount of retro revival could bring that back!

7. What’s your top tip for looking forward to the next interior trend – is it fashion led?
For autumn/winter 2017 it’s all about navy, gold and emerald – rich, dramatic shades that work well in homes as well as fashion.

8. What couldn’t you live without in your own home/ your best find or buy??
I do have a soft spot for kitchens and love a good gadget. I don’t think I could manage without my kettle or my Dolce Gusto coffee pod machine; I drink tea and coffee constantly when working and it’s a good excuse to get up from the desk and have a stretch. I recently bought some film prints from Etsy, which I framed in simple white frames from B&Q. They are by Law & Moore and I chose some of my favourite films – The Goonies, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Indiana Jones trilogy – find them on

9. Everyone is said to have a book within them – would you consider writing one and what would your subject be
Yes definitely; it’s something on my ‘to do’ list. Having a 15-year-old son who refuses to read for pleasure, I’d love to write a novel for the teen boy market that’s aimed more at his age group. Girls seem to have more options so it would be nice to make reading for boys cool again.

10. What do you love doing in those precious free time moments?
I spent two years learning how to swing jive, which was amazing. Great exercise and fun and I met some lovely people. I also love pottering round craft fairs and markets, heading to the beach in all weathers and occasionally baking the odd cake.

Julie R

Social Media as a Business Tool

social-media-vector-icons (2)

Social media has a huge presence in business today. It is as valuable to a business as marketing or PR – it provides unparalleled access to your customer too! You can find out what they like, what they don’t like and who they really are. People will often to turn to social media platforms when deciding if to use a company. It’s not only important to have a presence online, it is important to have the RIGHT presence online.

As your customer feels more connected to you, loyalty to the brand is increased. Your customers will expect you to have a profile online, it’s a part of doing business in today’s world. No longer is social media seen as a way that younger generations while away hours on but it becomes a key arm in your marketing strategy – while of course being able to see what your competitors are up to!

Perhaps most importantly of all, social media is instant. An instant way for you to reach your customers, an instant way to make your company voice heard, and an instant way to build your company profile


Natasha M-J

So Much More Than Just Kitchens – Chamber Furniture


Rarely do you find a company which just continues to surprise and delight you. Not just with their innovation, customer dedication and craftsmanship but with all the other elements that make them real people and such a pleasure to work for that you feel you really are part of the fabric of their team. Chamber Furniture is such a company. Truly they are just the nicest bunch of people.

004---DC3028 - Copy.jpg

I’m lucky enough to arrange the photo shoots and visit their clients first hand, so it’s not just me and the Amino team who are great fans, there are numerous others out there! Every single Chamber client I’ve had the pleasure to meet has been simply thrilled to be able to do a photo shoot as some way of giving back to the Chamber team as a thank you. Each one has enthused and delighted with their dealings with Chamber from start to finish, it’s like customers have lost a friend once the kitchen is in place and the relationship finished – some have moved home, bought second homes and return time and again to have a second or third Chamber kitchen. And it’s not just the design team, the front of house stars, oh no, the installation team is just as passionate, efficient, cheery, tidy and happy in their work as the designers are knowledgeable. Some clients invite the installers to breakfast or buy in their favourite biscuits!


So, it comes as no surprise to me that Chamber are called upon to design and make furniture for every room of the home – people are running out of excuses to get another kitchen.


If there were an award for being a fabulously talented and caring company – Chamber Furniture would indeed be a winner!

Julie R

Big Welcome to Newcomer Sue Whiteman

Sue Whiteman

We are thrilled to announce a new team member has joined the madness of team Amino!

Sue Whiteman joined us as Business Development Manager last week.

Having spent over 25 years in the media sales realms of regional publishing, Sue has great knowledge on helping clients build their businesses by creating complete media campaigns covering a wide variety of print, digital and social media mediums.

Sue will be helping with the expansion of Amino by visiting prospective new clients as well as meeting and introducing our complete portfolio of services to existing clients.

Luckily as Sue is renovating her own period property at present she already has an inbuilt passion of everything interior and home décor wise, so taking a little light reading home each night (piles of magazines) was met with much enthusiasm and open-arms (we just hope she won’t be using them all as a substitute wallpaper).

We know Sue is going to fit right in with our team and we know all clients new and old will also be as charmed by her honest, hard-working and keen-to-help attitude as we are.

Julie R

Independent Styling & Colour Analysis at Nellie & Dove

Dress with more confidence knowing you are wearing colours that lift your skin tone.   


On Monday 24th April Nellie & Dove invite you to book in for mini colour taster sessions with Jenny, an experienced, independent stylist and colour analyst.  For just £20 you will have a twenty minute individual consultation – redeemable against any purchase (previous purchases are covered too).

What is Colour Analysis?

We all want to feel beautiful and confident that we are wearing the right colours for our complexion. Colour analysis will provide you with the knowledge to do just that. By taking your natural colouring and comparing it with a large palette of colours, you can determine what shades make you look your best!


[Above: Wendy wearing Florence Bridge]

If you would like to book yourself a slot, please email the lovely Helen at:

The Nellie & Dove team look forward to welcoming you!

Beth D

A Collection of a Lifetime: The Tetrad Signature Collection upholstered in Ralph Lauren Signature fabrics


Tetrad are thrilled to announce the launch of its Signature Collection. A collaboration between Tetrad furniture and Ralph Lauren Signature fabrics in which each piece illustrates the artistic progression of Tetrad’s designs and tell an individual story about the legendary fashion giant that is Ralph Lauren

Each individual design within the collection can be identified with an important aspect of Ralph Lauren’s history, for example The Gatsby is of course inspired by Ralph Lauren’s illustrious costume designs for the film.



A modular sofa group, The Rodeo, is appropriately named after the first store Mr Lauren ever opened on Rodeo Avenue in 1971 and so on.Rodeo[1]
This stunning collection is a true triumph for Tetrad. It highlights the undeniable relationship between fashion and interior design, a synergy that is encapsulated perfectly in this collaboration and truly demonstrates Tetrad as being a brand at the very forefront of design innovation.

Julie R

Meet the Designer at Nellie & Dove: Donna IDA

Last week Nellie & Dove welcomed Uzma Bozai to its fabulous boutique for her to share and discuss the fusion of inspirations that influenced her stunningly vibrant SS collection. Stay tuned for our next blog post which will tell you all about the fantastic event.

Following the success of last Friday, Nellie & Dove have an equally exciting evening coming up this Friday 31st 6-8pm where customers can enjoy a denim workshop with Donna IDA.


Jeans expert and designer, Donna will have a host of styling and fitting tips for all shapes and will bring more style from her current range too!

If you fancy finding a new pair of jeans to strut your stuff in over the weekend, or would just like to come and join the fun, make your way over to Nellie & Dove in Deddington’s Market Place, Oxfordshire OX15 OSE.

We look forward to seeing you there!








Eco Living in Bequia


The Caribbean seems to be the perfect location for renewable energy, renewable resources such as solar, wind and geothermal are abundant. Furthermore, climate change impacts pose a major threat to small island economies and to the natural surrounds. John Nicolson of Bequia Land for Sale outlines just how simple green living in the Caribbean can be below.

I think we are on the threshold of a solar energy revolution here in Bequia.

The Caribbean, with its year-round sunshine is a natural place to install solar. The problem until now however, has been the storing the power generated during the day so it can be used during the night. In recent months there have been great strides forward to resolve the storage issue. There is a huge factory in Nevada, USA about to start production of Lithium Ion batteries that are far more efficient than the present Lead acid batteries. Modern distribution systems transforming the battery DC energy to AC electricity have become more efficient.

The technology behind solar is relatively old, despite their futuristic appeal. However, technology has improved greatly in recent years; conventional solar panels which only cover a part of the roof have been developed to cover the complete roof. So they’re still a fantastic environmentally friendly way of producing electricity in your home.

Small steps towards energy savings can be made all around the home, from LED light bulbs which use a fraction of the power of the old style bulbs to eco fridges and freezers that are now available with 10cm of insulation all round to save energy. Even the very core design of a house can have an effect, the plans we have readily available for instance have been cleverly designed to create more air circulation, which, together with more insulation allows us to save on air conditioning in the bedrooms during the night. Swimming pool pumps are also a great choice for solar power as they use energy during the day.

Islanders here on Bequia only tend to travel just a few miles around the island, so electric cars really are perfect for us. They can be charged by solar during the day and there are never any issues with charging stations as the cars can be charged from home.”

Since purchasing land in Rocky Bay Mr Nicholson has gone on to build houses including his own home and in doing so, John has accumulated a wealth of local knowledge and information relating to eco-friendly living. John is available to act as a Consultant if required, his first-hand experience and in depth knowledge of Rocky Bay and Bequia can help make building your dream home into a stress free reality.

Rocky Bay Bequia

Beth D

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