A Collection of a Lifetime: The Tetrad Signature Collection upholstered in Ralph Lauren Signature fabrics


Tetrad are thrilled to announce the launch of its Signature Collection. A collaboration between Tetrad furniture and Ralph Lauren Signature fabrics in which each piece illustrates the artistic progression of Tetrad’s designs and tell an individual story about the legendary fashion giant that is Ralph Lauren

Each individual design within the collection can be identified with an important aspect of Ralph Lauren’s history, for example The Gatsby is of course inspired by Ralph Lauren’s illustrious costume designs for the film.



A modular sofa group, The Rodeo, is appropriately named after the first store Mr Lauren ever opened on Rodeo Avenue in 1971 and so on.Rodeo[1]
This stunning collection is a true triumph for Tetrad. It highlights the undeniable relationship between fashion and interior design, a synergy that is encapsulated perfectly in this collaboration and truly demonstrates Tetrad as being a brand at the very forefront of design innovation.

Julie R

Meet the Designer at Nellie & Dove: Donna IDA

Last week Nellie & Dove welcomed Uzma Bozai to its fabulous boutique for her to share and discuss the fusion of inspirations that influenced her stunningly vibrant SS collection. Stay tuned for our next blog post which will tell you all about the fantastic event.

Following the success of last Friday, Nellie & Dove have an equally exciting evening coming up this Friday 31st 6-8pm where customers can enjoy a denim workshop with Donna IDA.


Jeans expert and designer, Donna will have a host of styling and fitting tips for all shapes and will bring more style from her current range too!

If you fancy finding a new pair of jeans to strut your stuff in over the weekend, or would just like to come and join the fun, make your way over to Nellie & Dove in Deddington’s Market Place, Oxfordshire OX15 OSE.

We look forward to seeing you there!








Eco Living in Bequia


The Caribbean seems to be the perfect location for renewable energy, renewable resources such as solar, wind and geothermal are abundant. Furthermore, climate change impacts pose a major threat to small island economies and to the natural surrounds. John Nicolson of Bequia Land for Sale outlines just how simple green living in the Caribbean can be below.

I think we are on the threshold of a solar energy revolution here in Bequia.

The Caribbean, with its year-round sunshine is a natural place to install solar. The problem until now however, has been the storing the power generated during the day so it can be used during the night. In recent months there have been great strides forward to resolve the storage issue. There is a huge factory in Nevada, USA about to start production of Lithium Ion batteries that are far more efficient than the present Lead acid batteries. Modern distribution systems transforming the battery DC energy to AC electricity have become more efficient.

The technology behind solar is relatively old, despite their futuristic appeal. However, technology has improved greatly in recent years; conventional solar panels which only cover a part of the roof have been developed to cover the complete roof. So they’re still a fantastic environmentally friendly way of producing electricity in your home.

Small steps towards energy savings can be made all around the home, from LED light bulbs which use a fraction of the power of the old style bulbs to eco fridges and freezers that are now available with 10cm of insulation all round to save energy. Even the very core design of a house can have an effect, the plans we have readily available for instance have been cleverly designed to create more air circulation, which, together with more insulation allows us to save on air conditioning in the bedrooms during the night. Swimming pool pumps are also a great choice for solar power as they use energy during the day.

Islanders here on Bequia only tend to travel just a few miles around the island, so electric cars really are perfect for us. They can be charged by solar during the day and there are never any issues with charging stations as the cars can be charged from home.”

Since purchasing land in Rocky Bay Mr Nicholson has gone on to build houses including his own home and in doing so, John has accumulated a wealth of local knowledge and information relating to eco-friendly living. John is available to act as a Consultant if required, his first-hand experience and in depth knowledge of Rocky Bay and Bequia can help make building your dream home into a stress free reality.

Rocky Bay Bequia

Beth D

Meet the Designer at Nellie & Dove: Uzma Bozai

The newly launched fashion boutique, Nellie & Dove invite you to join them at their beautiful store for an evening with the fabulous designer, Uzma Bozai.


Uzma Bozai’s SS collection is inspired by the Dao ‘Jungle People’ of Northern Vietnam. During her travels Uzma was attracted to their intricate weaving and embroidery, with each tribe being represented with its own unique designs and colours. You can preview this exciting collection at Nellie & Dove this Friday.


The record player will be turned up and the bubbly will be flowing, so if you fancy starting the weekend off in style, get yourself over to Nellie & Dove in Deddington’s Market Place, Oxfordshire OX15 0SE. We look forward to seeing you there!


National Bed Month: The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep!

March is the National Bed Month promoted by The Sleep Council to highlight how important a good nights sleep is to everyone. Pretty straightforward stuff known by us all you would think, but sadly not so. Surveys and consumer polls highlight how we are all slacking in changing those well-worn lumpy mattresses and simply put up with up outgrown beds. In 1988 a ground-breaking study found that by switching an uncomfortable old bed to a lovely new one meant an extra 42 minutes of sleep!

Amino represent two clients who create handcrafted beautiful beds to each customer’s exact needs – The Headboard Workshop and Tetrad. If you would like any quotes or images please contact us.



The Olive is Firmly in the Martini at Nellie & Dove …


When we arrived in Deddington for the soft launch of Nellie & Dove, our first glimpse at the collections we just couldn’t wait to get our hands on was in the shop window. Until the day of the opening, the outfit which hung in the simple yet stylishly dressed display had been cleverly wrapped in brown paper, yet to be revealed to curious passers-by.

As we walked into the boutique, which sits at the bottom of an adorable cobbled passageway, it was truly difficult to believe that this was the first store the directors of the company had ever put together. We were greeted by Helen, the spearhead of the brand who, with only twenty minutes until the doors would open, was cool, calm and composed. Once we had said our hello’s to the whole team and finished admiring each of the ladies beautifully put together outfits, we could truly take in the space. And what a space it is.

The period building has been refurbished beautifully. Its original hard wood flooring, exposed beams and wooden shutters give the boutique a homely, English country vibe which is brought to life by carefully considered, contemporary styling. Flashes of turquoise, the brands soon-to-be trademark colour, appear around the store, complementing the clever display techniques. A favourite of mine being the clear hanging orbs that adorn the beams and hold jewellery, shoes and purses. One of the most unique interior design elements has a personalised touch, a spectacular fabric wall behind which are the changing rooms. The wall is covered in cute and sketchy illustrations that relate to the brand, the same design that matches the tissue paper they wrap each purchase in.

 The most exciting aspect of the stores launch however, was of course the clothes. The different collections were hung thoughtfully throughout the store, with each piece perfectly complementing the last. From the colourful hues of Catharine Andre’s bohemian style to the cool and earthy tones of Transit Par Such, Nellie & Dove has clearly embraced its ethos of ‘style with a difference’ from day one, bringing its customers wonderful rarities of the fashion world.

Beth D


Rocky Bay appoints Amino

Amino is delighted to announce that they are now representing a team of design, construction and ‘island life’ experts offering 25 acres of land and property for sale in the Rocky Bay area on the breath-taking Caribbean island of Bequia.


Peacefully situated just nine miles to the south of St. Vincent, Bequia is the largest and arguably one of the most beautiful of the Grenadine islands. The environment is like no other; tranquil, easy-going and surrounded by rich golden beaches, it truly fulfils the dream of the perfect Caribbean island.


If you like the idea of having your own slice of Caribbean bliss, the Rocky Bay plots are for you! Owner John Nicholson, a design and construction expert was drawn to Bequia after sailing the Caribbean for many years. So much so in fact that he built his own home there 20 years ago. His construction experience together with his intimate knowledge of the land means he can offer unparalleled help and advice to those wanting a second home on the Island. John is available to act as a consultant if required to buyers, advising on every aspect from purchasing the land, through to local planning controls and procedures, architectural design and appointing tried and trusted contractors.


John is opening his own home as a show house to enable potential buyers of Rocky Bay plots to see what is possible to achieve and give pointers on the how’s and where to construct in terms of positioning a home and true life experiences.

Rocky Bay is a private, protected and secluded development area, yet sited just 5 minutes’ drive away from the vibrant main town of Port Elizabeth.


Offering this unique investment opportunity, Rocky Bay options include for sale one fully built luxury 4-bedroom house (Iguana Rock) sited on 56,675 sq. ft. with stunning uninterrupted views of Mustique and The Grenadines from its large terrace complete with infinity pool, and 9 ready to develop plots of land varying in size from 0.54 acres up to 6.6 acres. Each are also offered with the option of purchasing ready produced house plans/architectural designs for two, three and four bedroom houses, providing the perfect time saving solution to building and owning a stunning Caribbean home.

Q & A with Interiors Journalist Linda Clayton

When the Amino PR team caught up with the very lovely Linda Clayton, Interiors Journalist…

How long have you been a journalist? Nearly 16 years
How did you get the journalist bug? I’ve wanted to be a journalist ever since I can remember – originally just because I thought it sounded cool when various grown-ups asked ‘what do you want to do when you grow up?’. Possibly not the best reason but nothing else inspired so I did a journalism degree at Cardiff, then a post-grad in magazine journalism, and didn’t go off the idea. I started at a news agency, court reporting for the Nationals and door-stepping unfortunate souls for a scoop, which I hated (and, frankly, was terrible at). It was only when I moved into my first home, a small listed thatched cottage in Devon, and bought Period Living, that interiors mags caught my attention. I was hooked, and badgered the editor for months before I got a commission.
What’s the best part of your job? Being nosy. I think I’d also make a good estate agent, if I wasn’t so rubbish at sales – I just love snooping around people’s homes. 

What’s the most challenging aspect? Dealing with the egos. You have to tread very carefully around some interior designers, but I also work with plenty who are absolutely brilliant.
Is your own home filled with all the fabulous products you write about? Hahahaha. No. I can’t afford 90% of the products I write about but I must admit I do usually find a way to get the one or two things I really lust after. For example, I’ve wanted a Gaggenau oven since I went on a factory tour to their German HQ while working on the trade mag kbbreview at the tender age of 24. I finally got one for Christmas 2016. I’d like a matching combi-microwave but that might not happen for another decade or two…
Have you renovated your own home? I’m on my fourth, and hopefully last, major renovation project. My husband and I just bought a house built in 1924, that hasn’t been decorated since the ‘70s. Unfortunately our decorating budget is pretty non-existent so I’m hoping the swirly carpets and textured wallpapers will be back in vogue soon!
What’s your top tip for looking forward to the next interior trend – is it fashion led? The colours and finishes are very fashion led but interiors trends are generally much faster paced now too. When I started going to the Spring interior design exhibitions in Milan and Cologne a decade ago, it would take the UK at least three years to catch up, but now, thanks to the immediacy of social media etc, it’s pretty instant. I’d argue it’s pretty impossible to stay ahead of trends, so buy what you like, what makes you smile and what works in your home.
What couldn’t you live without in your own home/ your best find or buy?? The nicest thing in my current home is my new oven, which was eye-wateringly expensive, but I also get pretty excited about bagging a bargain. Just recently I needed a quick fix to replace the broken blinds on our three-metre long patio doors (which are also broken and likely to be replaced with something wider) but I couldn’t find any ready made curtains for less than £300, even on eBay or from curtain exchange companies, because it’s a non-standard size. So I bought two pairs of curtains in the Habitat sale and sewed them together. The whole project, including the pole from Dunelm, cost £84. Happy days (and thank you to my friend Megan for the idea).
Everyone is said to have a book within them – would you consider writing one and what would your subject be? If I had nothing else to do with my days I might be tempted, but it would probably be interiors related so it’s not likely I’d make The Times bestseller lists. I have to admit that the relative brevity of magazine features is much more my cup of tea. I imagine writing a book would be a little like writing a thesis at university – and hang over me in a similarly oppressive way!
What do you love doing in those precious free time moments? Walking with my family and dogs on the beach or moors (when the children are being good and the dogs aren’t running off). I hate the train to London for work but nothing beats the daily joy of living in the heart of Devon.


Amino Limited represent Brand New Fashion Client Nellie and Dove

It is with great excitement that we introduce you to our very first fashion client – Nellie & Dove.

Now I know this is a step into the unknow for us at Amino with our interiors head firmly on, but – who could resist and fashion is actually a closer relation to interiors than you may first think. All those lovely colours and fabrics sported by those wonderful willowy models on the catwalks across the globe are very soon after transported into our interiors as the next must-have trend.

Fashion in essence, dictates what will be next year’s interior designer delight, so we at Amino see the natural connections and are delighted to take on this new challenge.

Nellie & Dove is a soon to be opened (8th March), newly created fashion boutique offering collections from both up and coming and newly discovered designers sourced both in the UK and worldwide. The new business is the creation of self-confessed fashion obsessed Helen Spencer, (the Nellie part of the team – Nellie being her childhood nick-name) a designer and trained seamstress of great talent herself. And, who better to entice into your new venture with you than one of your all-time best friends, the elegant Jane Dove. Helen’s fabulous natural enthusiasm, contagious energy and joy de vie leans towards seeking out the unique, unusual and funky. This teams beautifully with Jane’s passion for the classic, sophisticated and chic. Both are blessed with a talent for seeing how styles combine, what works with what, how to create an outfit and hand picking pieces that gel to create style with a difference.

Based in the rural Cotswold village of Deddington, Oxfordshire all items from clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessories will also be all available online at but you must be quick as only three of every item is offered and once it’s gone, its gone. The new boutique will undoubtedly be as vibrant and fun as the Nellie & Dove team; having had a sneak preview earlier this week, we trust you won’t be disappointed …The only challenge I see is keeping the Amino team girlies from buying all the stock before it even hits the rails!


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