The Caribbean seems to be the perfect location for renewable energy, renewable resources such as solar, wind and geothermal are abundant. Furthermore, climate change impacts pose a major threat to small island economies and to the natural surrounds. John Nicolson of Bequia Land for Sale outlines just how simple green living in the Caribbean can be below.

I think we are on the threshold of a solar energy revolution here in Bequia.

The Caribbean, with its year-round sunshine is a natural place to install solar. The problem until now however, has been the storing the power generated during the day so it can be used during the night. In recent months there have been great strides forward to resolve the storage issue. There is a huge factory in Nevada, USA about to start production of Lithium Ion batteries that are far more efficient than the present Lead acid batteries. Modern distribution systems transforming the battery DC energy to AC electricity have become more efficient.

The technology behind solar is relatively old, despite their futuristic appeal. However, technology has improved greatly in recent years; conventional solar panels which only cover a part of the roof have been developed to cover the complete roof. So they’re still a fantastic environmentally friendly way of producing electricity in your home.

Small steps towards energy savings can be made all around the home, from LED light bulbs which use a fraction of the power of the old style bulbs to eco fridges and freezers that are now available with 10cm of insulation all round to save energy. Even the very core design of a house can have an effect, the plans we have readily available for instance have been cleverly designed to create more air circulation, which, together with more insulation allows us to save on air conditioning in the bedrooms during the night. Swimming pool pumps are also a great choice for solar power as they use energy during the day.

Islanders here on Bequia only tend to travel just a few miles around the island, so electric cars really are perfect for us. They can be charged by solar during the day and there are never any issues with charging stations as the cars can be charged from home.”

Since purchasing land in Rocky Bay Mr Nicholson has gone on to build houses including his own home and in doing so, John has accumulated a wealth of local knowledge and information relating to eco-friendly living. John is available to act as a Consultant if required, his first-hand experience and in depth knowledge of Rocky Bay and Bequia can help make building your dream home into a stress free reality.

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