Rarely do you find a company which just continues to surprise and delight you. Not just with their innovation, customer dedication and craftsmanship but with all the other elements that make them real people and such a pleasure to work for that you feel you really are part of the fabric of their team. Chamber Furniture is such a company. Truly they are just the nicest bunch of people.

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I’m lucky enough to arrange the photo shoots and visit their clients first hand, so it’s not just me and the Amino team who are great fans, there are numerous others out there! Every single Chamber client I’ve had the pleasure to meet has been simply thrilled to be able to do a photo shoot as some way of giving back to the Chamber team as a thank you. Each one has enthused and delighted with their dealings with Chamber from start to finish, it’s like customers have lost a friend once the kitchen is in place and the relationship finished – some have moved home, bought second homes and return time and again to have a second or third Chamber kitchen. And it’s not just the design team, the front of house stars, oh no, the installation team is just as passionate, efficient, cheery, tidy and happy in their work as the designers are knowledgeable. Some clients invite the installers to breakfast or buy in their favourite biscuits!


So, it comes as no surprise to me that Chamber are called upon to design and make furniture for every room of the home – people are running out of excuses to get another kitchen.


If there were an award for being a fabulously talented and caring company – Chamber Furniture would indeed be a winner!

Julie R