Tetrad are thrilled to announce the launch of its Signature Collection. A collaboration between Tetrad furniture and Ralph Lauren Signature fabrics in which each piece illustrates the artistic progression of Tetrad’s designs and tell an individual story about the legendary fashion giant that is Ralph Lauren

Each individual design within the collection can be identified with an important aspect of Ralph Lauren’s history, for example The Gatsby is of course inspired by Ralph Lauren’s illustrious costume designs for the film.



A modular sofa group, The Rodeo, is appropriately named after the first store Mr Lauren ever opened on Rodeo Avenue in 1971 and so on.Rodeo[1]
This stunning collection is a true triumph for Tetrad. It highlights the undeniable relationship between fashion and interior design, a synergy that is encapsulated perfectly in this collaboration and truly demonstrates Tetrad as being a brand at the very forefront of design innovation.

Julie R