Why I love a new brochure

Sitting down with a new book is about so much more than the text alone. It is about the experience. It is the excitement in not knowing what you will find when you turn the page. When I get a new book, I like to read without distraction. I find a quiet place, make a lovely cup of tea (you just have to really don’t you – either that or a glass of something stronger) and settle down with my virtual do not disturb sign! This is exactly what I do when we receive new client brochures. This week I’ve been lucky enough to get quite a few!


Leafing through ‘The Signature Collection’ from Tetrad featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics, a quote from Dean Martin featured next to The Tuxedo chair leapt out at me. It simply read “In a tuxedo, I’m a star. In regular clothes, I’m a nobody.” It’s clear from looking at the models featured in this brochure that many stars of the show are featured. There is something just so luxurious about the Ralph Lauren fabrics featured and you can see that the values of British craftsmanship which are integral to what Tetrad are ever present.


Next came the News 2017 brochures from Jotul and Scan. New contemporary colour options from Scan include ‘Dusty Green’, ‘Champagne’ and ‘Brown Metallic.’ These work so well alongside the established and popular grey and black finishes as there will always be a call for both classic and contemporary. These exciting new finishes are offered alongside ingenious new models including the Scan 80 and the iconic Scan 5000. Jotul’s new flagship is the Jotul I 620 which is an impressive model. This is a large cast iron insert with an even wider and greater view of the flames than its predecessor.


It was impossible not to be blown away by the imagery in the Apropos brochure. These bespoke glass structures are crafted to provide a seamless bridge into your garden or outside area. It is because they are bespoke that they can be tailored to your exact need – you can be as radical or as conventional as you like! Glass is so versatile which means that it will work so incredibly well in both modern and traditional homes.


Before I knew it, two hours had passed and I had mentally redesigned our home to include a number of wood burners, a Gatsby sofa from Tetrad and had knocked the dining room into the kitchen which was now housed in the most elegant of glass and aluminium structures – well, a girl can dream can’t she? Now please excuse me while I get back to my redesign 🙂

For full details please do visit Tetrad Jotul UK   Scan UK and Apropos

Natasha M-J




A Collection of a Lifetime: The Tetrad Signature Collection upholstered in Ralph Lauren Signature fabrics


Tetrad are thrilled to announce the launch of its Signature Collection. A collaboration between Tetrad furniture and Ralph Lauren Signature fabrics in which each piece illustrates the artistic progression of Tetrad’s designs and tell an individual story about the legendary fashion giant that is Ralph Lauren

Each individual design within the collection can be identified with an important aspect of Ralph Lauren’s history, for example The Gatsby is of course inspired by Ralph Lauren’s illustrious costume designs for the film.



A modular sofa group, The Rodeo, is appropriately named after the first store Mr Lauren ever opened on Rodeo Avenue in 1971 and so on.Rodeo[1]
This stunning collection is a true triumph for Tetrad. It highlights the undeniable relationship between fashion and interior design, a synergy that is encapsulated perfectly in this collaboration and truly demonstrates Tetrad as being a brand at the very forefront of design innovation.

Julie R

National Bed Month: The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep!

March is the National Bed Month promoted by The Sleep Council to highlight how important a good nights sleep is to everyone. Pretty straightforward stuff known by us all you would think, but sadly not so. Surveys and consumer polls highlight how we are all slacking in changing those well-worn lumpy mattresses and simply put up with up outgrown beds. In 1988 a ground-breaking study found that by switching an uncomfortable old bed to a lovely new one meant an extra 42 minutes of sleep!

Amino represent two clients who create handcrafted beautiful beds to each customer’s exact needs – The Headboard Workshop and Tetrad. If you would like any quotes or images please contact us.



The Perfect Pairing

Our client, Tetrad has had a long standing relationship with Harris Tweed and we explore that in this post!

The famous Harris Tweed cloth has been woven from pure virgin wool in the Outer Hebrides for many generations with the iconic Orb and Maltese Cross trademark being introduced in 1910. Every roll of fabric can be traced by its unique provenance number back to the home-based weavers. The fabric they create together is as interwoven with their shared skills and stories as it is with those of their ancestors. For more than 100 years the skills used to create Harris Tweed have been passed down the generations.

Its enduring appeal, being warm in winter and cool in summer, is used today at the cutting edge of both fashion and design, favoured by Royals and designers alike. Whether light or heavy, Harris Tweed also repels water and resists wear and tear with ease. It was all these qualities and ethos that made Harris Tweed the perfect fabric to be paired with another classically British brand – Tetrad.

Tetrad, based in the heart of Lancashire has been designing and making the finest quality handcrafted sofas and chairs for almost 50 years. Collaborating with this luxury cloth and designing The Classic Harris Tweed Collection provides a stunning showcase of designs combining the expertise of both brands British heritage craftsmanship.

Tetrad has developed a beautiful portfolio of products over the last five decades, which includes sofas, chairs, beds, and footstools each offering an endless choice of fabric, hide and size options. The Harris Tweed collection is among Tetrads most distinguished work, with the distinct depth of colour and texture exclusive to this unique fabric and reminiscent of Scotland’s ancestry, each piece exudes quality and style. Combining Tetrads signature expert craftsmanship with the hard wearing and prestigious Harris Tweed exudes quality and style whilst also typifying just what makes Britain great – that wonderful sense of heritage, quality and tradition.

For a true insight into this fabulous fabric visit And to see Tetrads Classic Harris Tweed Collection take a look at

Julie R

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